My new calf tattoos by Melanie Milne in Sydney, Australia. I’m in love with them.

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i like online shopping and putting everything i want in a cart then checking my subtotal and laughing and closing the tab

I like doing this, but instead of closing the tab, instead I like putting my credit card number in and hitting confirm and then receiving my clothes in 2 weeks.

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Matteo Pasqualin



I’m kinda in love with her lately. I don’t know why.

imagine having someone who only wanted you and didn’t flirt with anyone else and didn’t make you uncertain whether they liked you or not

I have this person. My fiancé.

He was best man at a wedding last weekend and none of the women there knew I was with him because he spent half day/night participating in best man formalities, which also meant we were seperated because he was sitting with the bridal party.

He stared at me across the room most of the evening and brushed off flirtations of other women. When it came time to drink and dance, he came over to me and gave me the biggest kiss. I swear I’ve never seen an entire table of women glare like that before. Hehe.

He sees only me and no one else. I see him and no one else. Trust is in our hearts, because it’s the structure that holds our love together.

I hope that other people are able to find this kind of love, because it really is amazing. Never settle for someone who hurts you and disregards you. They are not worth your time.

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Niki Norberg


Compact powder. So happy!! Done by @juliaseizure